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Measurement Unit Conversions

 To use this unit conversion calculator, just type in the number that you have in the appropriate unit box and hit the "Convert It" button. If you want to convert more numbers, just enter a new measurement unit in the box it belongs in, and press the button again.

Linear Units
Millimeter Centimeter Meter Inch Foot Yard Mile


Square Units
Millimeter 2 Centimeter 2 Meter 2 Inch 2 Foot 2


Cubic Units
Milliliter 3 Liter 3 Meter 3 Inch 3 Foot 3 Yard 3


Mass Units
Milligram Gram Kilogram Ounce Pound
 Win Convert is a metric / standard conversion utility for Windows. It is loaded with nearly 900 conversion types and is highly customizable with a built in Conversion Manager.
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