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This page contains information helpful to anyone who wants to make their website better. I have included links to some free services I have tried and like. Also, you will find some tricks by reviewing my code. Many of the effects here are Microsoft Internet Explorer specific, sorry Navigator fans, I like IE.

Here is a free JavaScript I wrote that you can use on your page. All I ask is that you put up a link to my site. I will add more as soon as I get time.

Using an image to call a JavaScript function.

Below are some programs I have found to be useful to webmasters.

Set up a free e-mail service on your site.
Professional tools for real minds.
This is the best HTML coding software
I've ever used! Get it while it's still FREE.
You can use Recommend-It to allow site visitors to tell their friends about your site.
Get highly detailed stats on site visitors for free from HitBox
My counter
Get a free message board for your site from Coolboard


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