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 There are ads all over the Web. Wouldn't it be great if the advertisers paid you? Well, there are some websites set-up to do just that. If you are a member of a few of them, you can earn $100 or more in a month just by doing what you are doing now...surfin' the Web! Now you're probably thinking "What's the catch?" You have to run small windows on your screen that display advertisements. Some require you to click on one of the ads once in awhile,'ll be getting paid for it. I have reviewed quite a few of these programs that pay you money for running their free software and the details are below.

The newest program is RadioFreeCash. This one is more fun than the others. You get paid to listen to music (25 cents an hour for up to 100 hours in a month). Getting paid $25 bucks a month to listen to music? They have a very wide variety of music choices too. What could be easier?

Get paid to listen to music!

Next on my list would be AllAdvantage. This banner display can also dock at the top or the bottom of your browser which is a definite plus. The payout on this one is 50 cents an hour up to 25 hours a month. There is a search utility built into it so it can do more than just earn money for you.

Join AllAdvantage

 Get paid to play a game. This is great. Watch out it is very addicting!

Check it out

PayPal is a service you can use to send people money with your credit card. You can also send them a bill which they can pay with their credit card. They will give you $10 to sign up.

I want ten bucks!

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