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 The software download for this free internet service is 4.59 MB. While you are online, ads will be displayed in a floating toolbar-like application (shown below). I removed the advertising that was being displayed (in the large white area in the center of the toolbar) when I captured this image.

NetZero toolbar

 In my opinion this toolbar is a fairly obtrusive. It can be moved around or docked in one of the four corners. The problem with this is it obscures necessary commands/buttons if you are doing anything besides surfing the Web. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone using a 15 inch or less monitor. Also, I have had problems getting online during peak times. Another thing I didn't like was that the ads are refreshed very frequently, which slows down your internet fun. If you have a 17 inch monitor set at 1024 X 768 or greater, go ahead and try this out. Your experience may differ from mine. This is just my opinion of this service.

 I am using a Pentium 100 MHz based system with a 15 inch monitor set at 800 X 600, and a 56K modem (which I get about 51KBps consistent throughput with).

Any and all trademarks mentioned/displayed are property of their respective owners, and does not imply or represent any affiliation of this web site with those companies. The image used was created from a screen capture of the toolbar (it actually looks better than shown above - I reduced the color level to reduce download time for the image).

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