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 The free software available on this page consists of programs that are useful for webmasters and people who just like to use the web.


Professional Level HTML Editing

1stPage 2000 Professional tools for real minds.
This is a serious power tool for web site creation. It can be configured for less advanced users also. If you are ready to move beyond WYSIWYG editors this is the one! It has built-in tags for just about anything you would ever want on a web page, including CSS, lists, tables, frames, forms, Java and JavaScript, and multi-media. It comes with built-in JavaScript and DHTML coding. It also has tags for ASP, ColdFusion, SSI, and WebTV. I will write a better review for this unbelievable program after I have worked with it more. It even writes clean code. Also, there is a reference for HTML 4/5, CSS, and SSI. An FTP plug-in module is also available from Evrsoft free too. All I can say is :)!


Link Checker

Xenu Link Sleuth 
 Software designed to check all of the hyperlinks on a website. Easy to use. Creates HTML reports of projects. Make sure all your links function.


Wallpaper/Background Creation/Editing

Harm's Tile 99 
 Useful for creating desktop wallpapers and web page backgrounds. A multitude of possible effects can be applied to create one-of-a-kind backgrounds.


Bookmark/Favorites Conversion

Bookmark Converter 
 If you use Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, you will find this a useful tool. Used for converting Favorites to Bookmarks and from Bookmarks to Favorites. Simple and free for non-professional use.
NOTE: If you use IE5+ you can do this with your browser.


Bookmark/Favorites Management

Bookmark Wizard 
This is a great utility for backing up your Favorites from MS Internet Explorer. It creates an HTML document with all of your Favorites on it. There is an option to exclude folders if necessary, or select only one folder. Another use for this is if you need to send a copy of your favorite web sites to someone else or wish to post them on the internet.


HTML Document Conversion

If you like to save web pages and read them later while you are offline, this freeware program will convert them to text format for you. This is useful if you would like to print out a page but don't necessarily want to print all the other items on the page such as advertising. It does this by stripping out the HTML code from the document. It does not recognize all HTML tags, but it does a respectable job of creating printable pages.


Any and all trademarks mentioned/displayed are property of their respective owners, and does not imply or represent any affiliation of this web site with those companies. The images used were created from icons found in each program.