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Life is short...enjoy the ride.


  I will be putting up some information about Nissan trucks here, more specifically, information related to making them faster. I will not be updating this page in the future, but I will leave it up in case it's useful to anyone. My truck was totaled a few weeks ago (10/11/00). If you are looking for accessories or manufacturers, go here.

  Here are some of the modifications I have made to my truck ('93 King Cab 4 cylinder 12-valve), and my opinion about the effectiveness of each particular modification.

Performance Improvements
Performance Calculators
Modifications That Didn't Help
Companies with Products to Help In Your Quest for the Ultimate Mini

Performance Modifications

  •  Ok, the first thing I did to my truck was remove the silencer connected to the air filter. This didn't really make much of an improvement. Although, when you get on the gas hard, it does sound meaner :).

Note : This is a bad idea on a four wheel drive, or if you drive where there is a lot of water. The reason is there is a danger of water, or any other foreign objects, going in your air filter and getting into your engine.

  •  The next thing I did was install some Split-Fire spark plugs.

 These made my truck pull more evenly throughout the RPM range. My truck had a noticeable RPM range (from about 3000 rpm to 4500 rpm ) where it pulled a lot harder. The plugs helped flatten this out so it didn't have the "powerband" it had before, it accelerated more evenly throughout the usable rpm range.

  •  After those two changes, I upgraded my exhaust ( from the catalytic converter back ) to 2.25" tubing and had a Flowmaster muffler installed.

 This didn't seem to have much of an effect on the acceleration, but it sounds great when you hit the gas !!

Note : This muffler is almost as quiet at idle as my stock setup was ( just a deeper sound to it ), but when you floor it, there is a very noticeable difference in the sound of the exhaust.

 If you are thinking about changing your ring & pinion gear, and you also want to change your tires, there is a possibility that you can achieve the results you desire using tires alone.

 Try my Javascript gear ratio calculator to see what the change in gear ratio will be if you change your tire size.

Things I Tried That Didn't Work

  •  I advanced my distributor timing, which made my truck slower.

E-mail me if you know of any good sites, have a modification you would like to share, or just have any suggestions for emissions legal modifications.

  Also, I want to start a collection of Nissan truck pictures, if you have a sweet ride, send it in, I will put it up.

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