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Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of Sound

1.1 What is sound?

Chapter 2 - Speaker Enclosures

2.1 Enclosure types -
Choosing the proper alignment for your subwoofer
Determining the reference efficiency of a speaker
2.2 Enclosure Shapes
Building with the correct speaker enclosure proportions
2.4 Sealed speaker enclosures
Design a Sealed enclosure to achieve a specific Qtc value
Calculate the Qtc of an existing enclosure
2.5 Vented speaker enclosures
Design a Fourth-Order Butterworth alignment
Port types
Port dimension calculator
Port design formulas
Determining port air speed in Mach
2.7 Fourth-Order Bandpass enclosures
Choose your F3
Designed for a specific amount of Gain
2.8 Sixth-Order Bandpass enclosures

Chapter 3 - Crossovers

Two - Way Crossovers
3.0 Passive Crossover Network Design Basics
3.1 First-Order crossover formulas and calculator
First-order highpass crossover chart and calculator for any value of capacitor
First-order lowpass crossover chart and calculator for any value of inductance
3.2 Second-Order crossover formulas and calculators
3.3 Third-Order crossover formulas and calculator
3.4 Fourth-Order crossover formulas and calculators
3.5 Sixth-Order crossover formulas and calculator
3.6 Frequency Response correction formulas and calculators
Design an Attenuation circuit
Design a parallel Notch filter
3.7 Impedance shaping filter formulas and calculators
Design an Zobel filter
Design a resonance equalizer circuit

Chapter 4 - Speaker Wiring

4.0 Multiple Speaker Wiring

Chapter 5 - Home Theater and Listening Rooms

5.0 Optimum Room Dimensions

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