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Crossover Network Design Formulas & Calculator

 This calculator will design a two-way first-order Butterworth crossover network for you. If you don't understand what any of the terms mean, click here for help.
1st Order Butterworth
High Pass Butterworth Crossover
Highpass Filter
First-Order Low Pass Filter
Lowpass Filter
Bandpass Butterworth Crossover
Bandpass Filter
C1 = .159 / ( Rh x f )
L1 = RL / ( 6.28 x f )
Calculate Your Crossover Here

 To use this form, enter the impedance values (at the crossover frequency) for your speakers, and then enter the frequency you want your filter to crossover at. Now, click the "Calculate Values" button, and your results will appear in the two empty text boxes.

Enter Tweeter Impedance Ohms
Enter Woofer Impedance Ohms
Desired Crossover Frequency  Hertz
C1 Microfarads
L1 Millihenries

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