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Sealed Speaker Enclosure Design Calculator

 This calculator is designed to tell you the Qtc of a sealed enclosure. It is useful for determining how a different woofer will function in an existing box (for example - if you ruined a speaker and a replacement is unavailable), or if you know your speaker parameters and just want to find out what the Qtc value of your speaker system is.

 If you don't understand anything on this page, click here to learn the basics of "sealed" speaker enclosure design.

Calculate Your Qtc Here

 To use this form, enter the Qts, Vas, and Fs parameters for your speaker, and then enter your enclosure volume (Vb) in the boxes below. Then click the "Calculate Qtc" button, and the results will appear in the empty text boxes.

Enter Qts
Enter Vas  (ft3 )
Enter Fs Hertz
Enter Vb (ft3 )

Qtc = 
Fc = Hertz
F3 = Hertz

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