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Reference Materials

 This is a list of the other places/things that were helpful to me in the search for loudspeaker design formulas, information, parts, and tips. Each list is organized according to your design experience - that is the first item should be considered as a fundamental item or necessary to understand the items following it. I will be adding more information and links to some other excellent websites soon.
  • How to Select and Use Loudspeakers and Enclosures - Murray P. Rosenthal
    Hayden Book Company, Inc.
    Rochelle Park, New Jersey
    ISBN 0-8104-0831-7

  • Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual with Projects - David B. Weems
    TAB Books
    Division of McGraw-Hill, Inc.
    Blue Ridge Summit, PA
    ISBN 0-8306-3274-3

  • The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook - Vance Dickason - The "Bible" of loudspeaker design
    Also available from
    Old Colony Sound Lab
    Post Office Box 243
    Peterborough, New Hampshire 03458-0243
    ISBN 0-9624191-7-6

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  • Speaker Builder - The Loudspeaker Journal
    Audio Amateur Publications
    P.O. Box 494
    Peterborough, NH
Places to Get Parts
  • Audax Industries
    You will have to purchase from one of their distibutors, but this site has excellent information on the high quality Audax product line.
  • Audio Concepts, Inc. (ACI)
    901 South 4th Street,
    La Crosse, WI
    Drivers, parts, and kits. Check out my home-theater subwoofer design using the AC12DV.
  • MCM Electronics
    650 Congress Park Drive
    Centerville, OH
    Toll Free: 800-543-4330
    Everything related to electronics.
  • Meniscus Audio
    Parts, speakers, accessories. Excellent products. Some products exclusively available from Meniscus.
  • Old Colony Sound Lab
    P.O. Box 243,
    305 Union Street,
    Peterborough, NH
    603-924-6371 or 6526
    Everything for audio design work - except components.
  • Parts Express
    340 E. First Street,
    Dayton, Ohio
    Parts, kits, and speakers.
  • Solen Electronique Inc.
    4470 Thibault Ave.
    St-Hubert, QC
    J3Y 7T9 Canada
    In my opinion, the most cost effective capacitors. Excellent selection of inductors. They also sell drivers.
  • Zalytron Industries Corp.
    469 Jericho Turnpike,
    Mineola, NY
    Huge selection. Loudspeaker drivers, crossover components, enclosures, kits. Great company.

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