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 The free software available on this page consists of programs that could be useful in a business application or for students. Freeware is great!

Office Suite
602Pro PC SUITE 2000
 This program is the best office/business type software that will ever be available as freeware. It can create spreadsheets, documents, and databases. It is compatible with Microsoft® Office , which I personally use. If you use Office at work, but don't feel like spending five hundred dollars to buy it, download this program. The interface is incredibly similar and most of the menus are exactly the same. You better grab this one fast, because I don't feel it will be available for long. The download is 15 Mb.



Word Web Dictionary/Thesaurus
This is a very good dictionary and thesaurus combination for your desktop.



Calc 98 Calculate
The modes available in this great little tool are angle, BaseN, binary, decimal, financial, hexadecimal, octal, scientific, statistical, and time.


Programmable Calculator

Excalibur Power Tool for Geeks
A programmable RPN calculator. Modes available in this power tool are business, conversion, complex/vector, computer science, custom, physics, geometry, scientific, and statistical. If Calc 98 is not powerful enough for you, get this one. Available in 16 and 32-bit versions.


Graphing Calculator

GraphCalc Picture the results
If you need a graphing calculator, this one is excellent.


Technical Unit Conversion

Tek Unit Converter for geeks
If you need to convert technical numbers, check out this tool. It covers acceleration, area, computer storage, density, energy, force, fuel consumption, geometry, length, mass, pressure, power, temperature, velocity, viscosity, volume, weight, and some other more esoteric unit types.


Currency Conversion

The Freeware Currency Converter How many $ is that?
The conversion rates used in this software program are updateable with an internet connection.


Measurement Unit Conversion

Win Convert 
 This is a metric/standard unit conversion utility for Windows. It is loaded with nearly 900 conversion types and is highly customizable with a built-in Conversion Manager. This is a great program!


Text Editing

 This is what Notepad should have been. Spell checking with dictionaries available in seven languages. Can store and insert boilerplate text. Supported file types are ADM, BAT, CFG, INF, INI, HTML, JAV, and last but not least, TXT.


Power Text Editing

Note Tab Light 
 This is here for the power users. This features auto-correct like Microsoft® Word™ and supports clipbook libraries which can added to, edited, and others are available for download which can be useful for speeding up creation of certain types of documents. Can also change text files to HTML and vice/versa. The only thing missing from this is a spell checker, which is probably available in the professional version.


Audible Text Reading

Read Please 
 If you need to multi-task, this freeware program will read text to you. Configurable voices and reading speed.


Any and all trademarks mentioned/displayed are property of their respective owners, and does not imply or represent any affiliation of this web site with those companies. The images used were created from icons found in each program.