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 The free software available on this page consists of programs that are useful for creating and organizing computer graphics.



CAD Standard 
 This is a two-dimensional computer-aided drafting program. While it is not the most powerful available, a degree in engineering is not required in order to understand how to draw with this program. I was able to create a blueprint in about ten minutes after installation. The only feature I noticed missing that is typically included in software of this nature was fill options. Great for anyone who needs to create a simple but accurate plan for a project, but doesn't need a three-dimensional model. The Help file is in HTML. Saves files in a proprietary format, but they can be exported as DXF or HPGL files for use in other programs.


Graphic Design

 This freeware program is used for creating/editing graphics. The interface is a lot like JASC's Paint Shop Pro. I couldn't believe how good this software was after installation. As far as I can tell, this is almost the equivalent of the previously mentioned software. However, it does not support brushes, tubes, or plug-ins. An excellent tool for beginners or people that don't need to create a lot of graphics. FAR better than Microsoft® Paint.


Multi-media Viewing/Management

Free Multimedia viewing/listening program. Supports batch conversion for file types and image acquisition from a scanner. Can play slideshows of media contained in a directory and create HTML thumbnail indexes for image libraries. Supported file types are JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF, PNG, LWF, PCX, TGA, PCD, RAS, ICO/ICL, CUR/ANI, WAV/MID/RMI/AIF/SND/AU, WMF, PPM, IFF, PSD, PSP, CPT, CLP, EPS, CAM, AVI, MPG, MOV, G3, and EXE/DLL. Also supports Photoshop compatible filters and has a few built-in effects. Incredible.


Icon Management

Icon Shop 
 This free program is great for keeping your icons under control. Can open icons and icon libraries and extract icons from programs. Can also be used to create icon libraries to make more effective use of space on your drives.


Icon Creation/Editing

Icon Editor 
This Ziff-Davis program is great for creating/modifying icons. Very simple to use. You will have to search for this file as ZDNet rearranges their stuff often, and I don't want to have this link be dead half of the time.


Wallpaper/Background Creation/Editing

Harm's Tile 99 
 Useful for creating desktop wallpapers and web page backgrounds. A multitude of possible effects can be applied to create one-of-a-kind backgrounds.


Image Organization

The name of this freeware program is misleading in my opinion. This software can be used to create HTML indexes of images located on your hard drive. An excellent and fast program.


Any and all trademarks mentioned/displayed are property of their respective owners, and does not imply or represent any affiliation of this web site with those companies. The images used were created from icons found in each program.